3 Things to Consider for your Next Hairstyle | Hairstyles for Women

3 Things to Consider for your Next Hairstyle | Hairstyles for Women

Your hair is an important extension of who you are. Whether you have long or short hair, are blonde or brunette, or have straight or wavy hair– your hairstyle matters. With so many makeup products on the market today from DIY hair coloring kits to flat irons or curling wands, it can be difficult to know what products are right for you and your desired look. 
Sometimes, you may know exactly what you want to do with your hair. Other times, you may have no idea how you want to style your hair, and almost wish there were mystery gifts you could choose at random to lift the stress off from finding the perfect hair care products. This is because knowing how to style your hair to best suit your face can be challenging. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Read on to discover how different haircut types like color, length, and how you style your hair can impact your overall look.
Hair Styles
1. Color: How to know what hair color is right for you?
Have you ever considered dying your hair before? Maybe you’re a brunette but always wanted to go blonde. Or, maybe you always wanted to dye your hair a more unconventional shade like blue or pink. 
A girls hair style should uniquely reflect her personality. Knowing what color best suits your complexion and style can be scary. This is because once you dye your hair, no matter if you get highlights, balayage, or bleach your hair, you have to commit. There’s no going back. But, don’t worry. Discover below how highlights, balayage, and bleaching your hair may help you achieve your next great hairstyle.
Highlights- In its most basic form, highlights take strands of your natural hair and lighten them. This is done often throughout your hair to create a cohesive, natural-looking effect. However, one can choose to lighten only their front side pieces, known as the “money pieces”, to better accentuate their face. Two common highlights you can get are “partial” foil or “full” foil highlights. A partial foil can be called a “half head of highlights” because foils are only placed on the top/front and side pieces of hair. Meanwhile, a full foil is a “full head of highlights”, with highlights that cover your entire head (back, front, and side pieces).
Balayage- Balayage is a more natural form of highlighting, without any hair foils involved. Your hairstylist, instead of the foil technique, will hand-paint the desired color directly onto your hair. This technique, though often more subtle, creates a more natural look. Even better, as your hair grows out, there won’t be as harsh a distinction between your root and colored hair.
Bleach- Unlike highlights or balayage, bleaching your hair is a harsher, yet more effective way to get your hair lightened. Are you a brunette, but want that bombshell, Marylin Monroe look? Then bleaching might be right for you. This involves stripping the natural color of your hair strands and applying a lightning agent to achieve that gorgeous blonde look. But, it is important to understand this hair coloring method is by far the most damaging method and will leave your hair more dry and damaged.
Short Hair vs Long Hair
2. Length: Should you chop your hair or grow it out?
Deciding among so many different haircut types can be difficult. But, it doesn’t have to be. By understanding your face shape, you can easily pick the right haircut for you without just chopping your hair on a whim. And, the good news, if you decide to go for a chop and don’t like it, it will grow back! So, have fun, and try out these haircuts below that best suit your face shape.
Before we begin, you may be wondering, what is my face shape? To know what your face shape is, take a picture of yourself with your hair tied back. Mentally trace the outside of your face, and that’s your face shape!
The 7 different face shapes and their ideal hair cuts and styles include:
  • Rectangle- Avoid overly long hairstyles, and go for a soft layered cut. If you want bangs, again opt for curtain bangs, which are a trendy, new hairstyle cutting technique that provides shorter, gradual front piece layers. Do this instead of blunt-cut bangs.
  • Oval- Suits a wide variety of hairstyles thanks to your well-balanced appearance. Consider either long hair or a short bob.
  • Square- Consider doing a side part to offset your broad forehead. If you are going for a chop, try a short, layered bob.
  • Circle/Round- Consider a staggered long layered haircut or a pixie cut with choppy layers. No single-length cuts. This will only highlight your round facial features.
  • Triangle- Avoid straight bobs. Try a relatively new hairstyle cutting technique called the “choppy pixie” haircut if you want a short hairstyle. Consider going for longer layers if your hair is longer.
  • Heart- Try a long side-swept look or a side-parted pixie haircut. Stay away from a bob or lob haircut as that will only accentuate your full jawline.
  • Diamond- Consider medium or long layered haircut with a deep side part.  

Straighten or Curl Hair


3. Style: Should you straighten or curl your hair?

There are so many different hair styles you can try. Whether you want a straight, sleek look or a beach wave look, or a messy bun or high ponytail, how you style your hair is important. This is because it can enhance or hide certain facial features and help show off your personality.

Some ways to style your hair include:

  • Straight Hair- With a flat iron, you can choose to straighten your hair to give a sleek, sophisticated look. This is versatile hairstyle is great for either every day or a night out.
  • Wavy Hair- With a curling wand, you can achieve natural, wavy hair that is perfect for a more natural, effortless look.
  • Curly Hair- Using hair rollers or a curling wand, you can create a more “put together” look with a curly hair look.
  • Hair Bun- A versatile way to pull your hair back whether it be a tight, uniform bun or a messy bun style.
  • Hair Braid- With so many braids from french braids to dutch braids, braids can be a fun girls hair style to show off your personality.
  • Ponytail- Ponytails are another basic yet effective way to pull back your hair whether it be a tight high ponytail or a more loose, low ponytail look.


Enhance your Beauty Today by Choosing the Right Hairstyle for You


Knowing what hair color, length, and style is right for you is an important way to express yourself and extenuate your facial features. Deciding your hairstyle should not be stressful. This is because, at the end of the day, your hair can always grow back. So, if you decide to do a bold pixie cut and don’t like it, the worse that can happen is you wait a few months for your hair to grow back.


Your hairstyle is a great way to highlight your unique facial features and show off your personality. So, express yourself to the fullest. Dye your hair pink if you want, and go for that bold bob if you want. That’s the beauty of different hair styles- the versatility. Go follow these 3 hairstyle essentials and create your unique look today!


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