Does Lip Plumper Damage Your Lips?

Does Lip Plumper Damage Your Lips?

As a society, we are obsessed with achieving fuller-looking, luscious lips. Voluminous, pouty lips can enhance one’s natural beauty. Yet, figuring out how to plump lips in a safe, affordable, and natural-looking way can be a difficult process for many. With several methods today claiming to provide the perfect pout, it can be tough to know what method is right for you.  



One method is using a lip plumper device. Lip plumper devices are premium makeup products that provide the user the ability to achieve the perfect pout in the comfort of their own home. With countless makeup products in today’s world, it can be challenging to find a product that is easy to use, safe, and achieves the desired result of bigger, fuller-looking lips. A lip plumper device not only gives you naturally thicker lips, but it is also a safe, affordable option for achieving fuller lips. Lip injections and fillers are expensive and put the individual at risk by exposing them to foreign substances that are then injected into your face. A lip plumper device is a much safer alternative that guarantees fast, effective results thanks to its vacuum suction function.
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What is Lip Plumper?
With so many products today advertising fuller lips, it may leave you wondering exactly what is lip plumper? In short, there are various methods on how to plump lips with varying levels of effectiveness and safety. One method is using a lip plumper device. A lip plumper device is an automated lip plumping tool that provides bigger lips in minutes. Using a vacuum suction function that fits easily around the user’s lips, the lip plumper in just 1 to 2 minutes changes the blood flow in your lips, generating a swelling effect that gives you the appearance of naturally plump lips. And best of all, the lip plumper provides safe results within the comfort of your own home.  
Alternatives to a lip plumper device include lip injections and fillers. While these methods may seem effective at first, there are many harmful consequences. By injecting filler into your face, you are exposing your body to a foreign substance that is not natural to the body. Then, over time, the filler is either absorbed by the body, or can migrate to other parts of your face, such as below your nose, where you never wanted the filler to go in the first place. And, the worst part is, there is no controlling the time it takes for the filler to dissolve or migrate. This leaves the user unable to control where the filler ends up in their face after a couple months, and they will continually have to receive filler at least every 6 months, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, to achieve thicker looking lips. Not to mention, you may have an allergic reaction to the filler, which causes further unwanted damage to your face. Now, you may be wondering, what steps, or, how to plump lips in a safe, cost-effective way?
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How does Lip Plumper Work?
To understand how to get plump lips, one must first understand that there are many options available. There are all sorts of lip plumpers out on the market today. Below are some current lip plumper options:
Lip Injections or Fillers- A type of injection that commonly uses collagen or other filler material and uses a needle to inject that substance into one or both lips. 
Lip Implants- A type of cosmetic procedure that involves inserting a small silicone strip into your lips, by way of an incision, into one or both of your lips.  
Lip Plumping Lip Gloss- Some lip glosses are known for providing a “plumping effect” by holding moisture on the skin’s surface, resulting in swelling of the lips and a fuller pout.
Lip Plumper Device- A hand-held device that uses a vacuum suction function that easily fits around the shape of your lips. This expands the lip’s capillaries, causing a swelling effect that results in fuller lips.
To further understand the idea of how does lip plumper work, it is important to realize that there are two main categories of lip plumpers: cosmetic procedures and injections (high safety risk) vs. topical glosses and hand-held devices (low safety risk).
High Safety Risk: Cosmetic Procedures and Injections
Lip injections and fillers use needles to inject substances into the lips to provide a fuller appearance. However, this method is expensive, painful, and damaging to your face. Not to mention, the inability to control where the filler may migrate to. Meanwhile, one can elect to undergo cosmetic surgery and insert implants; however, this surgery could potentially damage your lips and give irreversible, unnatural results. 
Low Safety Risk: Topical Glosses and Hand-Held Devices
Topical lip glosses that offer lip plumping results are effective and safe, yet easily wear off because of everyday activities like eating and drinking. A lip plumping device allows for a safe way to have hours of lasting, natural results. And, unlike a gloss that will eventually run out, a lip plumper device allows the user to repeatedly use for the desired, fuller-looking lip effect. If you notice your lips after a few hours becoming smaller, simply use the device again to achieve that perfect plump pout. And, you can do so confidently knowing this device is safe and easy to use.
Steps for Using a Lip Plumper Device
A lip plumper device offers an easy way to enhance your natural beauty in minutes. Follow the steps below to better understand how does lip plumper work using a lip plumper device:
  1. Hold the lip plumper device up to your lips, ensuring your lips are properly moisturized. 
  2. Allow the suction feature of the device to work for 1-2 minutes, applying a light pressure to your lips, changing blood flow and causing a natural swelling effect.
  3. After 1-2 minutes, you will have a perfect, voluminous pout that will last hours! Naturally beautiful lips done safely!
  4. Repeat the above steps to achieve your desired look or if you notice your lips getting smaller after 4-6 hours.
You can use this lip plumper device anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on-the-go headed for a night out or traveling, the lip plumper device easily fits into any purse or bag for convenient, easy use with natural and safe results. 
Why Order a Lip Plumper Device: The Safe Way to Achieve Bigger, Fuller Lips Today
 Maximize your lip’s volume by using a lip plumper device that easily provides a naturally safe, plumper pout in minutes with results that last hours. Alternatives like fillers and surgery raise a variety of damaging physical health consequences that easily can be alleviated using a lip plumper device. Perfect your pout and enhance your natural beauty easily with a lip plumper device today!


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