How to Apply Your Makeup so that it Lasts All-Day

How to Apply Your Makeup so that it Lasts All-Day

The most important part of makeup is the base to create a flawless clean canvas for the rest of the makeup. Applying a good primer is integral to achieving the trending looks right now. Once you have applied your primer, follow these steps for a makeup look that lasts all day long:

  1. Moisturize
The first thing to do before makeup is to moisturize. Use an oil or moisturizer first. This ensures how to get smooth skin on face with a clean, moisturized skin as your base. Ensure you are light-handed with the moisturizer and choose one that is light and refreshing to avoid it mixing poorly with your foundation. It is best to use refreshing skin care products, or apply a mask, to keep your face clean but moist so that the products you apply later on will not get stuck or rubbed off. Don’t forget to apply eye cream before or after moisturizer!


    1. Sun Protection
    The second step is sun protection and color correcting. You must not use sticky sunscreen before makeup, so choose a light sunscreen that absorbs well into your skin. This will blend in with your oil or moisturizer first in your previous step.


      1. Concealer
      The third step is the concealer. You can skip it if you are short on time when getting ready in the morning. Ensure you choose a moisturizing concealer; otherwise, it could be easily mottled, especially in autumn and winter. To achieve a more natural makeup look, be detailed and take time when applying your concealer, it is best to use a concealer brush to help with this.


        1. Foundation
        The last part of your base makeup routine is the foundation. Choosing the shade of your foundation is the most important step, choose one that is not too dark or light but rather the one that is the closest to your skin tone. Many makeup stores can help you pick out your perfect shade for everyday wear. You can also choose a foundation based on the effect you would like it to have on your skin such as mattifying or glowing. Rather than worrying about what others are using, find the best foundation for you and your skin type.
        Everyday Lotion: A common lotion will do, and it can be used for skin care and moisturizing after washing your face to ensure you achieve how to get smooth skin on face perfectly.


        Foundation: If your skin is very good, you can just apply a moisturizing lotion without foundation. If you require more coverage, a liquid foundation can be applied:

          1. Use your fingers to take a small amount and add a dot to your forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin
          2. Gently spread using your fingers or a brush
          3. If you are applying a pressed powder foundation, apply it with the included foundation puff by patting it across your face


        Blush: Select a blush based on the look you are going for or one similar to your lips' colour for a natural look. To apply, smile in the mirror, and where your cheekbones push out of your face is where the blush can be applied. Apply just a small and light amount and blend it out to achieve a natural effect by brushing over it several times with the same brush you used to apply.


        Eye shadow: Choose your colors based on the look you are hoping to achieve. For a natural look, apply the same color in different shades and apply from the bottom of the eyelid to the top, from the darkest color to the lightest. Doing this will make the eyes appear at least 1/3 larger and very bright.


        Mascara: Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler three times before brushing with mascara (be careful not to clip the eyelids). The first time you apply the eyelash curler clamp to the root of your lash hairs, the second time gently bend the middle section and the third time clamp the tail end, then apply your favorite mascara.


        Lips: Finish off your look with a lip gloss selecting a color that is consistent with your makeup and clothing theme.


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