What are the Steps for Skincare

What are the Steps for Skincare

For most ladies and even for men, especially those in their youth, skin care is a very important daily routine to maintain a healthy, nourished skin. Being consistent with skin care does not only make your skin better, but more importantly, it can greatly improve your appearance and bring yourself more confidence! In this blog, we have a list of skin essentials every skin care enthusiast must have. However, everyone must take note that the order in which skin care products are used directly affects the results. Let's take a look at the correct order of steps of skin care and the right way to use skin care products!


  1. Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing is the first and probably the most important step in skin care. Knowing how to properly do facial cleansing is very important! It directly affects the subsequent skin's absorption of nutrients in skin care products and the skin’s health. Generally, we need to clean our face twice a day: once in the morning and another in the evening. Choose a mild cleanser and cleanse with warm water each time, followed by cold water to shrink pores and firm the skin. Finally, you can pat your skin dry with a clean towel.


The Steps of Facial Cleansing

  1.  Wash your face with warm water. The temperature of the water you wash your face with is vital! Most people wash their face directly with cold water to save trouble; many people also think that cold water is suitable for oily skin to wash away the greasy dirt. But such perception is wrong, and warm water is the right way to cleanse away the oil. In this way, the pores can be fully opened, and the natural moisturizing oil in the skin will not be lost in vain.
  2. Use cleansing products that suits your skin type best to clean your face. And no matter what type of cleansing product you choose to use, it is important to consider that the formulation should be mild. This is to protect your skin from drying out too much. Before using the cleansing product on your face, you need to circle the air bubbles in the palm of your hand so that the cleansing effect will be better.
  3. Cleanse with massage. While cleansing, massage the skin in circular motions. This will not only completely remove the dirt from the pores, but the soothing feeling will also prevent the appearance of wrinkles. To not hurt your face, the intensity of the massage should be moderate and should be done generally around 15 times.
  4. Rinse with clean water. After cleansing, the face needs to be thoroughly washed to remove all the dirt and the residual cleansing products on the face. And then gently wipe off with a towel.
  5. Check the bun on both sides and make sure to wash it clean. Many girls often have residual dirt on their face because of long hair, which will lead to acne. Therefore, when cleaning the face, be sure to perform a check to ensure that the cleaning products have been cleaned from the face and bun without residue.
  6. Rinse the face with cold water. Rinsing the face with cold water tightens the pores and promotes blood circulation in the face. Pat the face dry with a clean towel. After this step, the entire facial cleansing job is complete.



  1. Toner

Aside from secondary cleansing effect, applying toner has a great moisturizing effect on the skin. Just like cleansers, you must choose the right toner according to your skin type. For people with dry or oily skin, use alcohol-free toners. Those with sensitive skin must be more careful so it is advisable to use anti-allergic water. You can also choose your toner depending on the weather or temperature. In summer, we generally choose to use the refreshing oil-free type, and in autumn and winter, we will choose the one with moisturizing effect to prevent skin from drying. To apply, wet a cotton pad in toner. Gently wipe the face with the cotton pad to clean and moisturize the face. An alternate way of applying toner is by pouring it on your hands and applying five sticks on the face. Gently tap the skin to promote skin absorption.



  1. Eye Care

Eye care is also an important part of your skincare routine. It must be done lightly but regularly. Choose the appropriate eye care products and then take the size of a grain of rice and massage it in a clockwise direction around the eyes. In addition to eye care products, make sure you get enough sleep at the right time.


The use of eye cream can bring better moisturizing effect to the skin around the eyes. It also has anti-aging and antioxidant properties that prevents eyebags and wrinkles. Choose the right eye cream according to your age and skin type. The use of the eye cream is also very simple, using a little amount, massage gently around the eyes for a smooth absorption.



  1. Essence

Essences have the functions of moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging. Since different essences meet different needs of the skin, correct selection of essence according to the skin condition must be observed. For those with good skin already, the frequency of use of the essence can be reduced. Essences are high-concentration skin care products, and they should be used as little as possible. If you do not have a particularly bad skin, avoid using too much so as not to increase the burden on your skin! The essence is generally used after water like eye cream. One will only need a soybean-sized amount to gently massage it on the skin around the eyes.



  1. Lotion

Lotions are used to lock in moisture and are generally used after serums. The dosage is 2 times that of the essence. To apply, pour it on the front of the finger and then gently wipe it on the face.



  1. Cream

The cream is usually used after applying the lotion. It also has the effect of locking in nutrients. The application of face cream is a very important step for those who have dehydrated skin. After doing the above skin care work, you need to use a face cream to retain the moisture and nutrients of the lotions and essence. The cream is used in the last step of skin care because of its thick consistency. In summer, you can choose lotion instead of cream.


Since they both have the effect of locking water, the lotion will provide a lighter feeling on the skin during hot days. It is significant to choose the right water-locking product and method according to your skin type. For oily skin people, the best skin care products to lock in moisture are lotions rather than creams. But for girls with dry skin, you can choose to use cream without increasing the burden on your skin!



Skincare Tips

Warm and Cold Cleansing

Warm water cleansing does not only thoroughly clean the face dirt, but also protects the skin. The warmth opens the pores to allow deep cleaning. After cleansing with warm water, follow up with cold water for firming. This will not cause enlarged pores, and the skin will become more delicate.


Foaming Cleanser

Foaming cleansers can thoroughly clean the T-zone and U-zone of the face. It is very effective in washing away oil and dirt. Make sure to clean with circular motions to completely remove these impurities from the pores while keeping the skin soft and dry.


Spray Lotion

 Makeup water is generally recommended to be used on the face by spraying since it allows a more uniform and equal distribution of product on the face. Spraying lotion can also thoroughly clean the skin, so that the skin can fully absorb moisture and nutrients.


Facial Massage

The best way to care for your skin is by being gentle with it. Facial massage needs to be light and not too hard. It promotes the absorption of nutrients and helps the skin avoid wrinkles.


Day and Night Cream 

 Day and night creams are applied after cleaning and toning to make up for the removal of moisture. It keeps the skin hydrated and supple. Moisturizing with a cream can sometimes be done after a full skincare routine. Whether it is a day cream or a night cream, it has a moisturizing effect on the skin that will leave it looking fresh and healthy.


How to Care for Combination Skin

Those with combination skin should pay more attention to the cleaning of their skin. For the oily parts, you need to choose a cleanser that removes oil. But you also need to make sure it does not scrape off too much moisture or it will leave your skin dry.


Diet and exercise also play a part in skincare. Stay hydrated and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and don’t forget to implement exercise daily- even if it’s a light walk!




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