MSHARE 60ml Poly Nails Acryl Gel Builder

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Mshare gel extension nail builder for nails is stronger, more flexible, easier to control than other nail extension gel. It's lighter than acrylic and builder nail gel, makes your nails look charming, with pretty length and neatness. This professional nail gel is great for both beginners and professional nail specialists. This 60g tube of clear nail gel is the clearest , perfect to do encapsulated nails, inlay nails, dry flower nails, glitter nails, rhinestone nails, and nail design on press on nail; suitable for creating a nail extension in different shape like square nails, oval nails , coffin nails or french nails with this poly nail tube.

How to use:

  1. Use the nail file to rub the nail surface and then clean your nail
  2. Apply a thin layer of the base gel,curing with led or UV lamp 30-60s
  3. Select a suitable nail tips to apply poly gel in it,use nail brush pen with slip solution to make the gel smooth
  4. put it to your nail,curing with led or UV lamp 30-60s
  5. Peel off the nail tips,trim the shape and polish your nails
  6. apply a thin layer of no wipe top coat ,curing with  led or UV lamp 30-60s

Package Included:
1 x Mshare 60g Gel