4pcs/set Dual Heads Acne Needle Blackhead And Pimple Extractor Tool Kit

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It is made from professional grade stainless steel and easy to sterilize. It has anti-slip grip. It efficiently cleans your skin and improves your skin condition and is best for removing acne, blackhead, facial pore, pimple spot and so forth.

1. Sterilize the acne needle with alcohol first;
2. Use a needle to break through the epidermis, turn up blackheads, acne, and acne to break the fibrous tissue under the skin.
3. When squeezing, place the acne opening in the middle of the circle and press down, or move it slowly, until the hole touches the edge of the steel wire. If you can't squeeze it out all of a sudden, you can turn around and try.
4. After use, clean it with toner again to make the skin more refreshing, clean and smooth. Then apply a certain thickness of acne cream or anti-inflammatory lotion to the squeezing area, or firming lotion.

The package includes:
1X acne acne needle (set)