14 Piece Make Up Brush Set Premium Synthetic Fiber Professional Makeup Tool Kit

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Carefully tailored for Professionals and Makeup Enthusiast!
This comprehensive makeup brush set includes everything you need for a simple everyday makeup look to a full-on glam makeup look. Its synthetic fiber is designed to pick up all types of makeup, from powder to cream-based products, and distribute them evenly on the skin, making these brushes an essential tool for professionals.

Made with premium synthetic fiber and luxury wood handle for easier more comfortable use!
It’s cruelty-free synthetic and dense synthetic fibers are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, to provide a high-definition finish. Our 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set is made with luxurious wood handles, which are exquisite material, touch smoothly and are resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

Notable Features of the 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set:
✤ Comes in five fun candy colors you can choose from.
✤ Made with soft premium hair-like synthetic fiber bristles that feels good on the skin. 
✤ Packed densely to avoid hair loss and distribute product evenly on.
✤ Strong grasping power for all kinds of makeup from liquid to the powder-based foundation.
✤ Elegant solid wood handles that is easy to hold and abrasion-resistant.

How to Use:
Sanitize brushes with any makeup cleanser.
Let air dry for a couple of hours until dry.
Use to pick up any makeup to pick up and dab on the face.
Clean again before storage.

Number of Pieces: 1-Pieces Brush Set
Usage: Full Face Makeup
Applicable Skin Type: All Skin Types

Package Inclusion:
1 x Powder Brush (20 cm)   
1 x Highlight Brush (19 cm)    
1 x Blush Brush (18.5 cm)       
1 x Contour Brush (17.5 cm)   
1 x Foundation Brush (17.5 cm)
1 x Nose Shadow Brush (17 cm)
3 x Eye Shadow Brush (16.5 cm)
1 x Eye Shadow Brush (16.2 cm)
1 x Detail Brush (16 cm)
1 x Concealer Brush (15.5 cm)
1 x Lying Silk Worm Brush (15.5 cm)
1 x Double-headed Eyebrow Brush (17.2 cm)