Endo Sonic Activator Root Canal Irrigator With 60 Pieces Tips for Cleaning and Irrigating

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Targets any root canal easily to easily avoid further infection!
No bacteria is safe with this Endodontic Irrigator Activator. It’s enhanced flushing feature can even reach narrow and complicated canals, and can irrigate any debris off. Complete with high frequency sonic vibrations that cleans blind areas in the root canal effectively.

Highly recommended by dentistry professionals in fighting and preventing bacterial infections!
This Endodontic Irrigator also comes with 3 different size tips made of soft polymer material that can easily bypass the curved part in the root canal to maintain the integrity of the straight channel. Choose which size will best suit any situation and reduce the risk of breaking or damaging the inner side of the root canal.

Notable Features of the Endo Sonic Activator Root Canal Irrigator:
✤ Comes with 60 pieces needle tip in 3 different sizes to suit any all shapes of root canal.
✤ Has a vibrating 3D movement feature that can extend the tips to any area desired which enhances its cleaning and irrigating ability.  
✤ Sonic irrigator tips can reach any blind area that other instrument cannot reach.
✤ The flexible material of tips helps avoid further treatment and damage to the root canal.
✤ Comes with 3 intensity settings to meet the demands of any endodontic treatment.

How to Use:
  1. Select the needle tip that manually fits loosely within 2mm of the working length.
  2. Place the protective sleeve over the complete length of the hand device.
  3. Connect the needle tip to the hand device with the barrier sleeve. The activator should snap on firmly, promoting a secure connection with the hand device.
  4. Press ON/OFF button for 1 second. Select which is enough then continue with the treatment.
Certification: GS Certified
Battery: Not included

Package Inclusions:
1 x Endodontic Activator Irrigator Machine
60 x Needle Tips
100 x Protective Sleeves