Hydrating Galaxy Makeup Setting Spray Waterproof Long Lasting Fine Mist Spray

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The Makeup Fixing Spray that sets, moisturizes, and brightens up the skin!
The Galaxy Setting Spray uses VP/VA copolymer technology that forms a film and effectively keeps makeup from melting or sliding off the skin. Our spray is ideal for dehydrated, tight and dull skin since it has Moisturizing and brightening ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide. Perfect for weddings and special events to alleviate the need for touchups.

Maintain your makeup on the outside while keeping your skin healthy on the inside!
This multi-purpose Galaxy Makeup Finishing Spray not only has ingredients that helps your makeup look last all night, it also has amazing skincare ingredients that keeps oil at bay and nourishes the skin. Use it before applying makeup for a moisturized base and lock in all the goodness with more sprays after application!

Notable Features of the Hydrating Galaxy Makeup Setting Spray:
✤ Made with a film-forming agent (VP/VA copolymer) that effectively sets and locks in makeup in place.
✤ Includes Moisturizing and brightening ingredients including sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide to nourish the skin.
✤ Exquisite fine mist, smoke- like spray that doesn’t disrupt makeup and collect water droplets.
✤ Creates a hydrated and moisturized base for makeup when used before application.
✤ Waterproof, heat resistant, long-lasting makeup spray with a dewy radiant finish.

How to Use:
The Galaxy Makeup Setting Spray can be used, before and after makeup application. Or any other times the user prefers.
Hold the product slightly above the face at arm’s length distance.
Spray ample amount to cover whole area.

Number of Pieces: One
Type: Makeup Fixing Spray
Sunblock: No

Package Inclusion:
1 pc Galaxy Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray