Lifting Gua Sha Stick Anti-Aging Massage Stick Balm For Younger Looking Skin

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An easier and more convenient way to lift skin and promotes elasticity!
This Gua Sha lifting stick is a massage tool and skincare product in one that helps reduce puffiness and lifts your skin. It comes with a balm that contains 20 different peptides and adenosines that help improve skin elasticity and adds moisture and nourishment. It is a new and innovative way of making skincare convenient and more efficient for all.

Witness amazing skin changes with the patented lifting cream infused with collagen and amino acids!
The Lifting Massage Stick's design is inspired by traditional Gua Sha treatments that remove waste products and puffiness, combined with advanced formulation of its magical lifting cream. Many skin experts and centers have tested it and found that it effectively moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, and prevents skin from sagging.

Notable Features of the Endo Sonic Activator Root Canal Irrigator:
✤ Lifts skin with the help of 20 different types of peptides and Gua Sha-like shape and design.
✤ Contains a cocktail of amino acids and collagen that reduces wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity.
✤ Has a patented moisturizing ingredient with 7 different organic substances which brings moisture and nutrients deep into the layers of the skin
✤ Convenient and travel-friendly skincare you can bring anywhere, anytime.
✤ An innovative all in one solution for skincare and massage.

How to Use:
  1. Put your palm against the product when first used to melt the coating.
  2. Press the stick onto your skin and apply a strong pressure while lifting the stick upwards.
  3. Move upwards from your neck towards your chin. Even pressure and consistent movement promotes blood circulation.
Package Material: Plastic
Color: red
Clinically Tested Safe and Effective
Weight: 23 g
Skin Type: Normal

Package Inclusions:
1 x 23 g Lifting Gua Sha Massage Stick