V Shaped Face Lifting Strap Slimming Face Mask Band Firming and Tightening Skin Lift Up

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Effectively tightens and lifts up the skin for a more defined V-line face shape!
For both men and women, our Anti-Aging Face Lift Mask has been clinically confirmed to be effective. By draining the lymphatic system and avoiding skin sagging, it gives your face, neck, and chin a firm and incomparably youthful appearance. This double chin remover molds the jawline and keeps the skin taut, making it an excellent way to get rid of the double chin.
Hypo-Allergenic V-Line Lifting Band is made from Soft and comfortable material that’s safe for all skin types!
This double chin reducer bandage fits well on the top of your head and provides an even force. The sticky part of the bandage is long enough for you to adjust the length. The mask makes a very comfortable elastic face slimming bandage because of its breathable fabric that’s safe people with skin allergies. It is elastic, sturdy, and molds to different features of faces for both women and men.

Notable Features of the V Shaped Face Lifting Strap Slimming Face Mask:
✤ Designed with an air pressure pump you can manually use to adjust pressure during use.
✤ Made from breathable fabric that’s elastic, sturdy and can mold to different features of faces for both women and men.
✤ Fits well on the top of the head and provides even pressure throughout face and neck. Comes with a long bandage for adjustments.
✤ Helps prevent skin from sagging and drains the lymphatic system for a more defined face shape.
✤ Hypo-allergenic and very easy to clean.

How to Use:
Cleanse face and dry with a towel.
Stretch the bandage 1 to 3 times, and place it on your chin.
Place your ears in the slots of the lifting face mask and fasten the Velcro on the crown of the head.
Adjust pressure to your liking with the air pump.
Use for 30 to 60 minutes everyday.

Material: 74% polyester + 10% nylon + 8% viscose + 8% elastic fiber
One size:
Brow Bone/Occiput Posterior: 55-65cm
Chin-Top of head: 64-74cm

Dimensions of different parts:
Short: 52.5 cm
Middle Length: 68 cm
Length: 69 cm

Package Inclusion:
1 pc V Shaped Face Lifting Strap Slimming Face Mask