Lip Plumper Device Automatic Lip Plumping Tool Fuller Bigger Thicker Lips for Women

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Safely plumps the lips naturally and fast!
Designed to quickly enhance the lips for a fuller and more pouty appearance, this Lip Plumper Device was engineered to perfectly fit the shape and contour of your lips. It uses completely natural and safe methods to improve your lip’s appearance without needles or chemicals. The vacuum suction function of this lip plumper causes the lips to expand its capillaries and eventually achieve the effect of plumping the lips.

1-2 minutes is all it takes for a juicier, thicker, natural-looking plump lips!
It simply takes 1-2 minutes with our Lip Plumper Device to get effects that last up to 4-6 hours, or even longer with repeated use. Use this all-natural automatic lip plumper tool instead of injections for safe and consistent results. Its small size makes it easy to transport and fits into small purses, making it excellent for on-the-go, traveling, or attending an out-of-town event.

Notable Features of the Lip Plumper Device Automatic Lip Plumping Tool:
✤ Plumps the lips naturally and fast with significant effect of up to 4-6 hours.
✤ Designed to give you bigger, poutier lips in no time. Designed to mold and contour the look of your lips.
✤ Improves the appearance of your lips without the use of needles or chemicals by using fully natural and safe procedures.
✤ Ideal handheld lip plumping device for when you’re on the go. Its small size allows for easy transportation and fits in small purses.
✤ Suitable for every day shaping lips to look stand out from others. Made of food grade silicone, hypo-allergenic and safe.

How to use:
  1. Gently press the switch to start the lip pumping device.
  2. Put the device on the lips. The device should vibrate and suck as you start.
  3. After 30 seconds, the device will automatically stop.
  4. Repeat steps for 1-2 minutes daily.
Power Source: USB Cable
Size: 18 x 5.6 x 5 cm
Number of Pieces: One Unit
Type: food grade silicone
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Charging: 40 minutes USB Charging
Material: ABS Handle, PC,  food grade Silicone Head
Features: Lip plumper vibrates to suck your lips, no surgery,  Lip protection vibrating for naturally pumper, Soft silica gel material provides great skin care, One button to operation, Charging with micro USB cable.

Package Inclusions:
1 x Lip Plumper Instrument
1 x USB Cable
1 x English Manual